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Travel ETFs Find Recovery as Omicron Fears Ease

from December 13, 2021

When news of the Omicron variant initially came out, the travel and tourism sectors took a hard hit. However, during the December 6 trading session, these sectors were some of the biggest gainers.

After official statements from the White House were released revealing that the early signs of the Omicron variant were milder and less dangerous than the Delta variant, consumer confidence renewed, and travel demand recovered.

According to, the robust holiday travel demand after months of lockdowns and social distance orders looks likely to remain elevated; the emergence of COVID-19 vaccine boosters also will likely help to drive demand further. Additionally, the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is sent to provide over $550 billion in funds for transportation projects, including for bridges, roads, freight rail, public transport, and airlines.

The Zacks article goes on to highlight various travel ETFs that seem well-positioned to potentially capitalize on this news. One of those travel ETFs being the U.S. Global Jets (JETS) ETF – a travel ETF that invests in airlines, airline operators and manufacturers.  

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its variants and the resulting actions to control or slow the spread has had a significant detrimental effect on the global and domestic economies, financial markets, and industries, including airlines. U.S. Global Investors continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19, but it is too early to determine the full impact this virus may have on commercial aviation. Should this emerging macro-economic risk continue for an extended period, there could be an adverse material financial impact to the U.S. Global Jets ETF.