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Alternatives for Gold Investors

from Seeking Alpha August 14, 2019

Andrew Hecht, a commodity and futures trader and analyst writing on Seeking Alpha, published an article highlighting gold’s recent rally. Hecht says “gold is a metal that never goes out of style, but these days, its profile is rising with the price of the yellow metal.” 

Gold has rallied to over six-year highs, nearing the $1,500 an ounce mark as of August 7. Hecht recommends that if investors want pure exposure to gold, the best play is via physical coins and bar.

However, Hecht says that gold mining shares tend to outperform gold on the upside. He adds that one of the gold products that offers leverage compared to the gold price is the U.S. Global GO GOLD and Precious Metal Miners ETF (GOAU) – which invests in gold equities.

Alternatives for Gold Investors

GOAU provides investors access to companies engaged in the production of precious metals either through active (mining or production) or passive (owning royalties or production streams) means.

Read the full article on, “GOAU and TGLDX – 2 Alternatives for Gold Investors.”

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