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Do Airlines Really Offer “Cry-Free” Zones?

from MarketWatch April 5, 2017

Indian airline IndiGo announced in early October the introduction of “Quiet Zones” on its flights, following the lead of Scoot Airlines and Air Asia X. “Quiet Zones” are areas of the plane in which children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit and are meant to give business travelers a quieter environment for a fee.

Many travel and consumer experts agree that demand exists for these “child-free,” quiet zones. As stated in the article, Atlanta resident Marissa Joyce even said she’d pay $50 or more to sit in such a zone. While the idea is indeed appealing to some travelers, Anne Banas, executive director at, doesn’t believe the demand will be significant. Banas notes that such measures could alienate many families, making it even hard for them to travel with children. So far, no U.S. airlines have adopted such quiet zones.


Article summary written by U.S. Global Investors.