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How Will Gas Prices Affect Airlines?

from The Motley Fool March 9, 2015

Investors have been watching oil prices for months, both for the impact on their portfolios and on their personal fuel costs. The Motley Fool takes a look at how airline companies are impacted by the slide in oil prices over the past few months, and how an ongoing lower fuel price may affect them.

The Motley Fool points out that many airlines hedge their fuel costs, which can serve to protect them from volatile movements in the price of crude oil, but also may lessen the impact on their bottom lines when fuel prices are lower. However, if oil prices stay low for an extended period of time, then these airline stocks could feel the benefits looking into 2016.

To find out more about which airline stocks stand to benefit from ongoing low fuel prices, read the article here:


Article summary written by U.S. Global Investors.